Pickleball Paddle Set - 2 Premium USAPA Approved Graphite Rackets and 3 Balls

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Remarkable durability ✅
Minimize wind interference ✅
Perfect Bounce ✅
Indor and Outdoor ✅


Superior high-quality lightweight (7.8 oz) honeycomb polymer core with graphite carbon fiber face. Makes paddles feel great. Eliminates denting. Exceptionally durable material gives racket ideal strength and longevity. Designed in USA.

Precisely drilled

Precisely drilled holes make the balls deliver a perfect flight path. Balls can be used for the most aggressive pro play and minimize wind interference. Perfect bounce and remarkable durability make these pickle balls the best choice for any game. Popular high visibility orange / yellow color.

Balanced control

Optimal balanced control and power hitting. Wide body creates large sweet spot for better impact. Resilient surface offers great ball spin. Shots are more accurate. Prime edge guard for protection on ground hits. Good looking black / purple paddle face design. Enjoy your indoor and outdoor play.

Super soft

Super soft non-slippery comfortable handle with elite wraps (overgrip). Blue protective carrying duffel / storage cover case with nice gift design. Racquets are for all age (adults, elders, teens, young kids, and whole family), female & male, different skill levels including beginner / starters, intermediate, to top advanced head champion professional expert players. Two bats and three balls bundle pack provides immediate game court needs

buddies recommending me

Having played with regular wooden pickle ball rackets, these graphite paddles are a fantastic upgrade. Play is lively and we love the solid, light feel of the paddles! The 2 paddle, 3 ball set comes with its own handled carrying case. A nice touch! We had initial issues with 2 premature ball breakages, but the owner of the company immediately responded to our message, and sent us three new replacement balls, a partial reimbursement check AND a hand written note thanking us for being good customers! We love our new rackets and really respect this vendor for their extraordinary customer service. We highly recommend this company and their product!
Margaret Hersh
We are beginning pickleball players but didn't want a "beginners" racket, nor anything super expensive. This pickleball paddle set fit the bill perfectly for what we were looking for (also other friends of ours purchased this same set before us and we liked the rackets). One thing experienced is that one of the 3 balls broke apart after only the 2nd time playing (outside), I replied to the seller who initially contacted me asking if I was happy with the product, and after explaining what happened they sent me a $15 check as a partial refund/to use toward additional balls. Very impressed by the personal attention to customer service!​
Bradley Morris
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