JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle - 4 Pack Pro Premium Table Tennis Racket Set

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Warranty: 60-day money back and one-year free replacement.
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Four-piece superior quality paddles✅
5-ply wood blade with ergonomic flared handle ✅
Blue, zipped carrying bag / protector ✅
For all skill levels, so no need to update your paddle again and again ✅

superior quality

Four-piece superior quality custom plywood ping-pong paddles technologically designed for balanced spin, control, and speed; eight top-notch tournament 40-mm, 3-star white balls meeting ITTF approved equipment regulation (size and weight) for official competition.

Carrying bag

Blue, zipped carrying bag / protector with compact combo gift design for perfect storage and organizer, easy travel carrying on-the-go to let 2-4 players enjoy indoor or outdoor professional or recreational games; standard black and red paddle face color; extra durable glue.

5-ply wood blade

5-ply wood blade with ergonomic flared handle (holder) creates comfortable grip for long sessions; best performance elastic pads; eco-friendly natural rubber sheet; high-bounce orange (yellow) medium-soft sponge; and advanced edge tape to avoid side wear. Amazing craftsmanship and first-class materials!

for all skill levels

Designed to be used for all ages (young, old), female or male, and all skill levels: from starters and intermediate to all-round master players; kids, adults, and family; beautiful wooden raquets appeal to boys, girls, teens, and juniors for practice and training. Designed in USA.

happy customers

Played with these paddles last night. I am a new comer to Table Tennis, but I was playing, or trying to, with a season veteran. It made me feel good about my purchase of the JP WinLook Paddles, when he commented quite strongly about the quality of the paddles. He also was pointed in his remarks that these paddles would allow much better placement and spin on the balls. So a great purchase. The customer service is amazing to top it off. My 9 year old daughter was goofing around and acting like she was swinging the paddle and it came out of her hand and dropped to the concrete basement floor. Unfortunately it landed just right on the edge of the handle causing the paddle head to break from the handle. I contacted JP Winlook via email and asked if it was possible to get a replacement. The owner emailed back within a few hours asking for my address to mail a replacement paddle. I was shocked at the prompt response and no questions asked customer service by the owner himself. Within a few more hours I received a follow up email that they had mailed out the paddle plus some balls as a gift for New Years! How amazing is that!
Hellen Q.
Professional Premium Ping Pong Set. I've been playing table tennis since I was in middle school. So, I definitely know what to look for in a good table tennis paddle. What I love about this set is that it's everything you need for a one on one or doubles game. Customer service is unbelievable. We recently had some friends over and one of the kids missed a return and in frustration, he slammed the paddle down on the edge of the table with such force that he snapped the head off the paddle. I contacted the company about buying a replacement, as this was an accident, and in no way the fault of the equipment. However, the owner said it was covered by the warranty and he would ship me out a replacement paddle at no cost. Thank you for standing behind your product and for the fabulous customer service! Highly recommend this set and this company.
Bradley D.
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